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Pinks Boutique Mother To Be Treatments

Pinks Boutique is a brand new, Certified Organic award winning range who believe that there is nothing more beautiful or effective than nature. That is why their products are hand blended in England, using the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients sourced from around the world, accredited by Soil Association. Working with fresh ingredients such as rose petals which is pregnancy friendly, their treatments appeal to all of the senses with a total mind and body experience with all treatments. 

With the motto 'you are what you absorb', Pinks Boutique are the only organic beauty company to have a complete professional range of manicures, pedicures, facials and body treatments and products. Proudly, as the only salon in Nottingham to work with Pinks Boutique, we can guarantee an unforgettable and luxurious experience like no other! 



Nurture and Nourish

Indulge your tired muscles with our ultra relaxing pregnancy treatment, aimed to rejuvenate your mind, body and new precious bump. With a focus on healing and body restoration, our luxurious Nurture and Nourish treatment will soothe your being, making you and your new arrival feel safe and looked after in our care.

The Organic Certified Rosehip kernel body scrub for your body exfoliation will calm and soften hard skin, as the organic Rose rehydrates and brings a healthy glow back to the body. Followed by our relaxing Signature Body Massage which includes Lymph draining techniques, we guarantee any muscle aches and tension to be gently eased away, restoring calm and tranquillity to your overall aura.

As we aim to nurture your body and bump, the Organic Certified Rosehip scrub has been chosen specifically for this treatment as Rosehip is the safest seed extract to use during pregnancy. Alongside our exfoliating Rosehip scrub designed for sensitive skin, our bioactive oil and balm will ensure your skin is left supple and smooth from head to toe. These handpicked products will help prevent stretch marks throughout your pregnancy, with the help of antioxidants and essential fatty acid boosts.

Your new bump will additionally be pampered, enjoying a delicate moisturising mask which is rich in omega fatty acids, followed by a light massage of our super food Rose balm with pro-vitamins A, D and E. All of the organic products used throughout our Nurture and Nourish treatment promote healthy, effective benefits for you and your baby bump, as you both deserve the best and safest care there is to offer!

* For Term 2 & 3 pregnancies *

90 mins- £72  Foot Ritual, Full Body Exfoliation and Full Body Massage 

60 mins- £60  Back Exfoliation and Full Body Massage



Eco Chic Organic Pregnancy Facial

Hydrate and Renew: Pinks Boutique Ocha & Rose creates a facial centred on rehydration and skin repair, calming the skin from any irritants or redness.

This organic facial has been specially adapted for the care of your skin during pregnancy. We use Rose based products on the skin during this treatment as it is the safest seed extract for the mother to be and baby. The Organic Rose is best for highly sensitive skins which may be the case during your pregnancy. The Rose extract minimises irritation and redness, promoting skin repair, cellular renewal and hydration. The Ocha additionally works as an anti-oxidant for your skin as it is packed with green and white tea- all products that are pregnancy friendly!

With our Eco Chic pregnancy facial, your skin will be deeply cleansed with a gentle exfoliation and a mask, restoring brightness back to the skin. Our natural ingredients used are designed to promote clear and radiant skin, giving you the perfect glow! A relaxing neck and shoulder massage is also included in our facial to help you unwind and feel extra comfortable from muscular aches. Opt for our 60 minute Eco Chic Facial and you will be indulged in an upper back and neck massage, relieving any upper body tensions that may have built up during your pregnancy. 

30 mins- £30

60 mins- £50


Eco Chic Organic Manicure

With this luxury treatment, not only will you be indulged in a superb manicure, your senses will be cocooned in beautiful aromas that will awaken your senses throughout. To begin, you will be welcomed with hot towels and a Himalayan Crystal Soak that will sanitise your hands, ready for the nail file and cuticle work. We will additionally pamper you with a sample of the Pinks Boutique signature touches and delicate smells of the oils with our hand exfoliation, hydrating and softening your hands. Your skin will be left feeling luxuriously smooth and your body relaxed and relieved from tension with our pregnancy safe hand and arm massage. 

Choose your treatment finish from below.

Approx. 45 mins (Treatment time is extended with Gel Polish)

7 Day Nail Polish- £37

Gel Polish- £40



Eco Chic Organic Pedicure

A full detailed pedicure with only Soil Association organic products to nourish and soften feet during your pregnancy. Sample the special touches of the Signature Himalayan pedicure whilst your feet are treated to our pregnancy friendly foot bath of Rose petals and gentle foot soak with 100% natural mineral crystals. From our Rose petal bath, to our dead sea salt exfoliation and luxurious Pinks Boutique foot massage, your feet will feel like you're walking on air- invigorated and relieved from built up tension! 

Choose your treatment finish from below.

Approx. 60 mins (Treatment time is extended with Gel Polish)

7 Day Nail Polish- £38

Gel Polish- £41

** Please note that there are more options of luxurious Pinks Boutique Manicures and Pedicures on the Services Page that are pregnancy friendly too! **


Pregnancy Package 

Spoilt for choice?

This pregnancy package combines the best of both worlds, relieving the tension and muscular aches in your body that can build up during pregnancy. We have chosen the Pinks Boutique Pregnancy Massage and Eco Chic Organic Pedicure to ensure that you are relaxed and pampered from head to toe, preparing you for your new arrival! Enjoy!

60 min Nurture and Nourish Massage + Eco Chic Organic Pedicure with 7 Day Polish- £90

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